view of the velcro "ties"that are wrapped tightly around lion's soft penis. any attempt at erection results in pain as the "teeth" dig in.
View of the velcro “ties”that are wrapped tightly around lion’s soft penis. Any attempt at erection results in pain as the “teeth” dig in. To see lion model this painful wardrobe, click here

Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Lion unlocked me so that she could do routine hair removal. Every few weeks, my pubic hair is removed as well as the hair on my upper thighs and my butt, inside and out. She does this with a combination of tools: a Braun epilator that pulls hair out by the roots. She uses this on my main pubic region as well as my thighs and outer butt. That’s followed by an electric body shaver that takes care of my balls, shaft and crack. When she is done, I am as bare as a…well…lion’s bottom. After she finished she said that she wasn’t going to lock me up until my shower so that I can get a chance to wash without the cage. She said that she still didn’t want any unauthorized erections.

Having said that, she went to her cock and ball toy bag and removed some velcro cable ties we had purchased some time ago. She was drawn to them by their nice colors as well as the fact that they have very scratchy teeth on the inside. Over the years she has used these when we play. She takes the ties and fastens them tightly around my soft penis. She usually gets three along the shaft by stretching it as she applies the velcro. The velcro is tightly pulled, squeezing my shaft and the little teeth hurt as they bite in. Once she gets them on, she begins stimulating me, making me get very hard. The velcro doesn’t give. My cock is “strangled” by nasty hook-bearing strips. When hard, it looks like I have big dents in the shaft where the velcro digs in.

This really hurts! Wow does it ever. My lioness generally observes gently, “If it really hurt, you would be soft.”

Oh no! I am hard as a rock and hurting like hell. It’s a sexual irony. The pain is actually making me harder. Eventually she takes pity on me and releases the velcro. That is its own special brand of hell. When the velcro is released, the blood rushes into the dent the velcro made. That rush feels like my cock was hit by a hammer. She always smiles when she sees this reaction.

That is how she uses them for play. Today she put them on my soft penis quite tightly. She told me that if I try to get hard, I know what will happen: those little teeth will dig into my cock and hurt more and more the harder I get. They also hurt on my soft cock too. Every time I move in my chair, the hooks dig into the soft skin. I have to agree that this velcro cock bondage is an effective way to prevent lion erections. My lioness can certainly be diabolical when she wants. Another reason I love her so much!