Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday had the provocative title “Training.” When I saw it, I thought she would be writing about training me. It turned out that she was writing about training her. She was referring to the long time it took her to get up to speed as a spanker. The important point is that she is not only a very strict spanker, she knows it and expresses some pride in her skill. I have a tough hide and when I’ve been topped in the past, a common theme has been how difficult it is to make a lasting impression on me.

For a while, Mrs. Lion’s spankings would make me wince when I sat for two or three days after a spanking. I don’t think she’s forgotten how to do it, just backed off a bit. Apparently, wood paddles are the most punishing in terms of lasting effect. It may be that she may have to consider returning to them for punishment spankings. For the record, I hate being spanked with wood.

I haven’t had a punishment spanking in over two months. Mrs. Lion isn’t as strict with my punishment day spankings since I didn’t do anything to earn them. They are supposed to remind us of our disciplinary relationship. They certainly remind me. Is the absence of punishment a sign that I’m well trained?

I do remember to set up the coffee pot and close the shower door. Have I stopped interrupting or acting as a know-it-all, or has Mrs. Lion given up on punishing me when I do? I don’t know. If I have and Mrs. Lion has no other ideas to improve me, maybe we need to think about adjusting our punishment day spankings. Does she need the practice of full-on punishment spankings to stay in top form? Do I need to feel a punishment spanking to remind me to continue behaving? I don’t know.

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  1. Like this Training as a reader to yours Mrs Lions blog .In reading and read between the lines the life changes you both have indue a training program maybe a reminder that’s gives reflection what has been missing

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