Our football team is out of the playoffs. I wasn’t feeling up to playing our football spanking game on Saturday. Yesterday, I spent most of the day annoyed. At what, I don’t know. It wasn’t the football game. I figured we’d lose. It wasn’t chores. We did do the garden late, though. And suddenly it was after 5.

We had another football game to watch. No skin in the game this time. Lion liked one team more than the other. I dislike both equally. The team I was hoping would be in the Super Bowl lost yesterday. I apologize to all the Buffalo Bills fans. By choosing the Bills, I jinxed them.

We also didn’t stick to our plan of having an afternoon shake. As I said, it was suddenly after 5. We started to watch the football game and then Lion said he was hungry. He hasn’t been much help deciding what to eat on the diet either. At least now I have definite choices of what to make. I picked something and we had dinner.

Before dinner, I told Lion I had to take a shower and make up my pill packets. Since it was already late, I figured sex was off the table and I really did need to do those two things. Lion slept on and off through the game and watching TV later on. He missed one of the best catches of the game. Oh well. That’s what replays are for.

We snuggled once Lion woke up from his impromptu naps. He says he doesn’t even realize he’s sleeping. I wonder if this is another point in favor of watching TV in the living room rather than in bed. Would he snooze in the living room? I don’t know.

Today, Lion has a doctor’s appointment. I’m hoping we’ll get home early enough to play. Maybe all the walking and fresh air will tire him out. Fingers crossed that he’s wide awake. I also owe him a haircut, but I think playing is more important than his “shaggy” hair. (He’s the only one who thinks he looks shaggy.)

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