Lion wanted to put off his spanking for a while last night so he could digest his food more. Then he asked me to delay it until this morning. Of course, I forgot this morning. Now it’s no longer morning and I’ll just let it go. It’s not like he got away with anything. It wasn’t a real punishment. It was our new normal of spanking him every punishment day. Well, almost every punishment day. Don’t worry. Tomorrow is punishment day and then we’ll play the football game on Sunday. I don’t think his buns will forget about being swatted. Speaking of our football game, it will be five swats per point and five swats per sack. If he really wants to make me do the math, it will be ten swats per point to start, with ten added per point for every score after that. He might be bleeding by halftime.

When I thought he might be done digesting dinner, I moved over to snuggle. It wasn’t our regular sex night, but he hasn’t felt well for a few days. I decided to test the waters. He seemed a little interested, but he says he can’t be aroused by my hand under the covers anymore. He needs me to sit up. Since I was just messing around, I didn’t sit up. This morning, he said he got turned on last night and asked if I could tell. He said I just stopped. Bummer. I reminded him that I don’t always have to get him to the edge. In fact, some nights, even when I am sitting up, I only get him hard and then leave him hanging. In the words of one of our favorite sitcoms, “I just pumped up the tires. I didn’t ride the bike.”

Tonight, maybe I’ll take the weenie out for a spin. He deserves more attention, especially now that the buns are getting more.

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