Is the penis pump working, or was Lion just really horny? I’m not sure, but he had a very nice, super hard weenie last night. Actually, I thought we lost it at one point. I was just about to suggest oral when he got it back. I was sitting beside him, after I’d gotten him started by snuggling and letting my hand wander. I’ve taken some of his suggestions to heart. I know I lapse into a sort of autopilot when I jerk him off. I can go too fast.

I’m always worried he’ll sneak a peek at me while I’m yanking on him, and he’ll see me staring off into space and think I’m not interested in what I’m doing. What’s actually happening is that I’m concentrating on keeping a steady, not-too-fast rhythm and listening to his noises. He makes a purr noise when it feels good. Not all the time, so I start to wonder if I’m missing “the spot”. Of course, he’s also said it doesn’t feel good when I continuously hit that spot. I must have been doing something right, because he was making his noise a lot.

He was getting close to the edge. It had been eleven days since his last orgasm. But we (I) haven’t been very successful with sex lately. Should I give him an orgasm based on time? Or should I wait because we haven’t done much to this point? He was obviously horny. Obviously, that’s a good thing and doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll have an orgasm. I stopped when he was close. He groaned. He was hoping for more, obviously. I may have gotten him closer to the edge than ever.

In the end, I wanted him to have an orgasm, so I started jerking him off again. He was up and over the edge in no time. Clearly, he’d been close when I stopped. He stayed hard afterwards. Sometimes he goes limp immediately. And I got some cream filling as a reward. Yum!

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