Male Chastity End-State Blues

Synthetic erection produced by penis pump.

I am writing this post on Thursday afternoon. Today is punishment day which means my bottom will get some attention. It feels a little odd that being spanked is a regular, scheduled activity. I’m not complaining. It feels odd, that’s all. It’s been eleven days since my last orgasm. That isn’t exceptional as waits go. Actually, it’s close to my average wait. Between being sick and Mrs. Lion’s sore shoulder and general achiness, sex has been on the back burner. Truthfully, it’s slipped in priority.

It isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault. She wants me to be happy. Sex is a sort of chore for her. She says it isn’t, but I’m sure that she would rather do a lot of things instead of entertaining my penis. I want to reciprocate and deliver pleasure to her. I understand that she lost interest in sex, and that’s normal in many post-menopausal women. I’m very lucky that she still wants to give me pleasure. She likes my penis. She doesn’t like moving around that much. Our massage table has only been used three times.

Male chastity (cage-free for me right now) is so routine that it isn’t ever mentioned. I go on tracking days since my last orgasm. Mrs. Lion makes me wait more out of routine than any conscious plan. I doubt she even thinks about how long I’m waiting. We both know that she decides when I get to come. Her decisions are made during times she stimulates my penis. It’s organic, I guess. Maybe that’s the desired end state for male chastity. If it is, I have to say that it’s a lot less fun than the journey getting here.

It seems that most men who have practiced male chastity for a few years no longer wear male chastity devices. For me, at least, there’s no advantage for Mrs. Lion. I haven’t masturbated since 2013, so there is no serious risk that I will start jerking off. Mrs. Lion is not fond of unlocking and locking my male chastity device. She says it’s extra trouble. There is an advantage to locking me up. The process of unlocking requires her to get up, get her key, and remove my male chastity device. She can’t just snuggle in bed and play with my penis.

She likes to do that even though I rarely get hard when she does. Her fondling doesn’t stimulate the way it does when she is sitting up. I can’t figure out why it makes a difference, but it does. Oral sex works even better. That requires a lot of moving. The male chastity device forced activity. I would much rather have the activity without the device. Wearing a male chastity device is inconvenient for me. Peeing is more difficult. I’ve learned to live with that. I’m not suggesting that I go into full-time lockup again. I’m not suggesting anything. I guess this is the ultimate “be-careful-what-you-wish-for situation. I wished, got my wish granted, and was locked up for years. Now that my wish was granted, we’re stuck.

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