I set out to change the UPS that my computer and the network are plugged into. We had a power failure a little over a week ago, and it was clear that the UPS was no longer doing its job. I changed the batteries, but the clearance is so tight it was difficult to seat them and keep the wires connected. I fought with it for a while and finally got it. We also got an additional UPS so the network can have its very own battery backup. This afternoon, I had to figure out where things were plugged in. The dog, who thinks the only reason I’m on the floor is to play, made this very difficult.

When I had that all taken care of, Lion wanted me to plug his second monitor into his UPS. The dog not only made that difficult, but then she got a pair of Lion’s glasses. She’s not trained well at all. She thinks everything is a game and runs in circles to keep away from us when we try to get things back. Eventually, I got them away from her. Lion also needed me to troubleshoot his microphone, but after the fiasco with the dog, I was done crawling around on the floor for today.

Today is yet another punishment day. I think I’ll go back to a leather paddle today. I can get his buns rosy and not cause any bleeding. I don’t think rubber causes bleeding, either. I may be wrong. I know the rubber paddles are much heavier than leather. Maybe I’ll try one of those tonight. Just for fun.

I asked Lion if he was up for fun last night, and he asked if we could wait a while. He was watching TV, but as he’s famous for saying, the TV can always be paused. I think it’s more likely that he still needed time to digest dinner. When I played with him later, he did get hard. I thought he’d be more responsive if I sucked him, but he said he was happy with a hand job. That may have been because he wasn’t that horny. We didn’t get near the edge, but I think we both still had fun. I did. [Lion — Me too!]

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