A Loving Connection

Things are going along pretty well. About a week ago we had a two-hour power failure. That wasn’t fun, but it pointed out some problems in our blackout strategy. We spent part of Saturday correcting them. Mrs. Lion had to crawl around on the floor, changing power cords. She also fixed a problem with one of our big power supplies. That saved us a lot of money. A replacement is nearly $300.

I’ve been penis-pumping every day. So far, I can’t detect any changes. My hope is that after a month or so my erections will be firmer. This is a reasonable expectation, according to the Mayo Clinic. We’ll see; well, Mrs. Lion will.

Our new program of punishment day spankings has been helpful. Mrs. Lion says that I haven’t interrupted or annoyed her since we started. Nevertheless, this additional attention has sharpened her interest in our domestic discipline. She’s using the punishment day spankings to experiment with different paddles and straps. They all hurt!

Most importantly, spanking is becoming more routine. I think that’s very important. Once spanking becomes just another activity, I think that Mrs. Lion won’t hesitate to punish any infraction. Since she knows that the spanking bench is coming out every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, she has the incentive to make good use of those scheduled spankings. Our football spanking game is also helpful. Aside from being lion fun, it also fosters the positive habit of using a paddle anytime it’s needed. Maybe she’ll keep a paddle on her nightstand for impromptu lion education.

I think that all this paddling has value way beyond simple marital discipline. It provides a connection that we have been missing. Neither of us is very physical in terms of expressing affection. We tend to go our own ways. It doesn’t mean we don’t love one another. We do. We also agree that we need to be more physical. It may seem strange, but spanking is a loving form of contact. It is an expression of caring. Sure, it hurts me. It’s supposed to. Mrs. Lion spanks me because I need it. More importantly, we both need the connection it makes..