A Sexual Pacifier

Years ago, I got a fortune cookie that offered advice that changed my life. All it said was, “The secret of patience is finding something else to do in the meantime.” Believe it or not, that never occurred to me. I read it just as winter was starting. I hate cold weather. I impatiently waited for spring. I did some research and decided that since I couldn’t leave my cold climate, I would find a way to enjoy it. I took up skiing. To my surprise, it worked. I actually learned to like winter.

Male orgasm control is a classic opportunity to exercise patience. Like most guys, I get horny and want relief. Prior to male orgasm control, I could take care of the need myself the same day/night. Once Mrs. Lion forbade jerking off, my self-gratification was no longer available. She kept me in my male chastity device when she wasn’t offering sexual attention. I didn’t have to be obedient. I couldn’t get off with the device on my penis.

It turned out that wearing a male chastity device was the “something else” I did in the meantime. I enjoyed feeling my cock try to get hard in its cage. It was fun to reach down and touch it. I could think about what might happen after my lioness took it off for exercise. In other words, I could substitute enjoying my penis bondage for getting myself off. I have a theory about why this kind of forced abstinence works. Being locked into a male chastity device is a very intimate form of sexual attention. It’s an unmistakable connection with my keyholder. It doesn’t simply keep me from jerking off. It connects me in a 24/7, physical way with my lioness.

I think that almost every keyholder, and many men wearing chastity devices, miss this critical connection. It isn’t that locking my penis gives sexual control to my keyholder. Obviously, she has that. Much more important is the connection it forges between us. If she thinks about it, she will see that my male chastity device lets me feel her sexual interest in me as long as I have it on. Even though she may not think much about it, I believe she is always aware that she and she alone can give me sexual pleasure.

Many women don’t think much about our casual habit of masturbating when we feel the urge. If they do, they probably shrug it off as a “boys will be boys” sort of thing. I was surprised that Mrs. Lion didn’t know that I jerked off back in 2014 when she locked me in my firrst male chastity device. She was unpleasantly surprised when I told her that I jerked off a few times a week. The male chastity device ended my ability to do that. I don’t think that she realized what a big deal that was (and is).

In a very real way, a male chastity device is a sort of male sexual pacifier. It’s the “something else” to do in the meantime when sex isn’t available. I think that’s one reason we want to be locked up.