Football Paddle

Last night when the spanking bench was ready for Lion, I chose the paddle with the tenderizer side. I wasn’t going to hit him with that side. Much. It’s more likely to make him bleed. What I usually do is get his cheeks nice and rosy, and then I rake the tenderizer side across them. This time I did give him a few light swats with it just to let him know I could. It’s not a very heavy paddle, but it is fairly wide.

At the end of the five minutes, he had his usual blood spot on his lower right cheek, but he also had bleeding down both sides of his crack. The only reason I can think of for this is that I spent more time spanking across both cheeks. For some reason, it seems to hurt him more when I do that. Maybe the force compresses air in the crack and amplifies it. Is this physics? I never made it past biology. Anyway, he was bleeding a little bit. I guess that’s the problem with using a wooden paddle.

A few hours later, he asked what paddle I’d used. I swear I showed him before we started. He said it’s the same paddle I used to use for our football game. I had no idea I had a specific paddle for our football game. I don’t think I used it the last time we played. I thought I used a leather paddle. It’s odd that I would use that particular paddle. We have so many. I usually use that one when I want him to think I’m going to make his buns really sore and tenderized. I never have. I have hit him hard enough to make little dots, but nothing to draw blood.

I doubt he hurt for very long afterward. He usually doesn’t since he’s in a soft bed after I spank him. After longer punishments, he may not really feel it until he sits in his office chair the next day. Sure, he knows he’s sore before then, but the harder desk chair intensifies it. A little five-minute spanking isn’t likely to have any lasting effects, even if he bled a little. It isn’t intended to. These are just sort of practice spankings to get me more inclined to point out the subjective rules he breaks. So far, it hasn’t been needed. The only interrupting either one of us has been doing is starting to talk at the same time. That shouldn’t be punished. It’s not like he’s cutting me off.

The punishment days have been going pretty well. It’s the sex days that need work. I had a misstep the other day, and then I didn’t feel well another day. Today is a sex day. I’ll do everything I can to make sure he gets attention tonight.