Confessions Of A Tame Lion

When Mrs. Lion kept me locked full-time in a male chastity device, on the rare occasions that she let me run around without wearing my chastity device, she referred to me as a wild lion. For some time now, I’ve been cage-free. I think that is a better adjective than wild. My penis may be accessible to me, but it isn’t free to do what it wants. While I can get hard anytime I want, I can’t get off. I look wild, but I’m not.

This occurred to me while we were out running errands. I suppose that I’m a tame lion. I don’t like thinking of myself that way, but it’s true. If I were wild, I wouldn’t be spanked if I stepped out of line. I would be able to have an orgasm anytime I wanted. See? Tame.

For most of us who seriously pursue male chastity, it turns out that a chastity device isn’t a permanent part of the process. It’s a necessary training tool. Full-time wear trained me not to masturbate. After three years, I pretty much forgot that I could. Now, after nine years, I doubt I could get myself off. Inconvenient, but it’s what Mrs. Lion wants.

Being tame doesn’t mean I am weak or have no freedom. I’m as independent as ever with a couple of important changes. I no longer control my sexual experiences, and I can do whatever I want as long as Mrs. Lion allows. I get enough sex; maybe not as much as I want, but enough to keep me sexually healthy. I get between two and four orgasms a month. That’s a lot less than before we started, but still enough. The general (female) consensus of how frequently a man should ejaculate is between seven and ten days. (Ladies, vote here with your belief)

I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. Being tame isn’t so bad after all.