Mrs. Lion isn’t dizzy anymore. I wish we knew why she got those bouts of dizziness. I’m glad she’s feeling better. Sunday night was a dud. Mrs. Lion wrote that she was going to set up the massage table and tease me. My stomach wasn’t cooperating. So we ate leftover turkey and watched TV. I was better on Monday. I’m writing this post on Monday morning. It’s punishment day, and since Mrs. Lion isn’t dizzy and my stomach is back to normal, I expect a spanking.

We’ve reached a sort of balance. While we have missed several punishment-day spankings due to illness, Mrs. Lion has made a point of spanking me when we have both been feeling well. Sexual activity has been less consistent. I’m pretty sure that’s because Mrs. Lion wants to settle in bed and play with her iPad after dinner. I think she will work out a way to add sex to the equation the same way she handled punishment day spankings.

I continue to use the penis pump. I don’t know if it is doing any good. I’m not surprised that the results aren’t obvious. It takes at least a month before results can be seen. I’m only pumping for a few minutes every day. It’s a little uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel at all like an erection, even though I can see my penis is fully engorged during pumping. If there weren’t so much evidence this activity is good for me, I probably wouldn’t bother with it. I’m convinced that any man over forty would benefit from sane pumping. Too many guys overdo it.

I wonder if Mrs. Lion will be breaking out the massage table tonight. She seems to have more energy today. This could be one of the rare days that we are both feeling good.

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