Self Promotion

I am delighted that Mrs. Lion has a new job. It’s with a large company with a full menu of benefits and opportunities for advancement. She feels that a month is a long time to search for work. My job hunts generally lasted six months or more. The last time I was hired, it was four months after being told I would get the job until all the t’s were crossed. I know my lioness will do wonderfully in her new position.

I’ve been struggling with finding a literary agent. It’s a nearly impossible task. The average agent receives about 300 queries from prospective clients each month. I got smarter this time. Instead of querying randomly chosen agents, I looked for the ones who sold books that resemble mine. Will it work? Who knows? For all I know, I write dime-a-dozen crap that no one wants to publish.

I’ve been attending a few webinars on writing and acquiring agents. Maybe they will help. I could self-publish, but that’s a bad idea. For one thing, I have no way to promote the book or get it to reviewers. Traditional publishing is the way to go.

An alternative is to write sexually provocative stuff. I could self-publish that and sell it via the blog. My very first try was a spanking book. It was hot but didn’t take me where I wanted to go. I suppose if I get discouraged enough I can go that route.

Anyway, I’m keeping very busy with my efforts at self promotion. Thanks for listening.


  1. Not much money in the spanking books, but if it’s something you love, it becomes a labour of love. Keeps me horny also.

    1. Author

      Writing porn definitely keeps me horny. I want a shot at traditional publishing too.

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