I have been having so much fun since I lost my job. I’ve been applying for jobs left and right. I’ve been worrying that no one will hire me, and I’ll have to work in a grocery store. Not that there’s anything wrong with working in a grocery store. It would just be a cut in pay. And then there’s the health insurance aspect. We decided that I shouldn’t pay for COBRA. Instead, Lion added me to his insurance. It’s been two weeks of waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Finally, I was on the insurance. However, apparently it takes longer to be added to the prescription side of things. That’s what I really need. I take one drug that costs $700 a month unless you get it through insurance. Then the price magically drops to $25 a month. It’s been a long month and a half since I got fired. (Yes, Lion, I know I was technically not fired. I was laid off. Same difference.)

However, I did get some good news on Thursday. I had an interview last week that I thought went very well. I often think that and nothing comes of it. I got an email on Wednesday from HR of that same company, wanting to set up a phone call. I thought it might be a second interview. Promising. Then I thought it couldn’t be an interview if it was HR. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. The interviewer said they’d be making a decision in a week or two. Fingers crossed. The job was no longer listed on the site. Toes crossed. The phone call from HR confirmed that I was being offered the position. Woohoo!!! What a huge relief. Lion said I wasn’t unemployed for that long. It felt like eons. Of course, I will not relax until my first day when I will be nervous about all the new stuff they’ll throw at me.

It’s been a roller coaster around here. I’ve been on edge. Lion’s dealing with his own issues, trying to get his book published. Turmoil. That’s the word. And we’re still not on the same page about sex. Lion was cold last night so he was huddled under the blankets. He was hungry because we haven’t been eating lunch lately. I went off to make dinner. When I headed off to do the dishes, he asked if we had anything sweet for dessert. In this house? Please. Sweet is most of what we have. But I took that as a sign he wasn’t interested in sex. I should have asked. He’ll say I should have asked. We both know I should have asked. But I didn’t.

Today, we have some errands to run and then we’re free to play at any point. Again, I’m assuming. Okay, I won’t assume. I’ll ask him if he’s free for a sexual interlude when we get home.

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