We seem to be in one of those hands-off-the-penis periods. As of this morning, it’s been five days since my last orgasm. Since then, we’ve snuggled a few times without any penis contact. I didn’t say anything at the time. For the first three days, I figured that Mrs. Lion was uncomfortable. Her shoulder has been bothering her. I love the snuggles with or without sex.

I’m not saying that Mrs. Lion should have been playing with my penis. My concern is that Mrs. Lion is silent about her interests and issues. She has never been very verbal with me. When we were first practicing male chastity, she would tell me her intentions each day. Even when she said that no sex would happen, I felt good that she was thinking about me.

Sometimes she would tell me that I would have to wait and see what was coming. It could be a spanking, clothespins, or sex play. She stopped after a while because she frequently failed to follow through. She wrote that if she didn’t promise anything, she couldn’t disappoint me. That’s true, I suppose. It also meant that I was left wondering if there was something wrong with me.

We’ve talked about this a lot. Even so, the only time I have an idea of what’s coming is when I read about it in a post here. Why is it easier to write a public post than simply say something to me? I don’t get it.

Listen to this post.