Today (Wednesday) is only the second day since Mrs. Lion got me off. For no apparent reason I’ve been horny all day. Go figure. This seems to be a pattern. I always got more interested the longer I had to wait between orgasms. That’s common wisdom up to a point. Ever since we started playing with male chastity, we learned that my interest in sex would grow every day for a couple of weeks and then taper off. Now, my interest seems to taper off after only three or four days.

Maybe our data isn’t very good yet. I’ve been known to go through cycles of more or less interest. This could be one of those. Before anyone asks, I’ve had my testosterone checked and it’s normal. If Mrs. Lion decides to be sexual tonight, we can see if my interest is real. I’m suspicious that it may not be more than passing hardons.

On a related, but less pleasant subject, it’s been fourteen days since my last spanking. That puts me solidly in the “just because” territory. I haven’t broken any rules in two weeks. I’m willing to bet that I pissed off my lioness in that time. So far, “just because” spankings are less just because and more because I did something that didn’t get noted. Mrs. Lion rarely lets me go more than two weeks without a paddling.

Farmer lions

I got a sample hydroponic growing setup. It’s small and pretty crappy quality. It holds twelve plants. We assembled it last night and planted a few tomatoes today. The idea of gardening caught our attention. We had a very nice vegetable garden when we lived in New York. We built raised beds and had room for a wide variety of yummy goodness.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, there isn’t enough warmth and sun to reliably grow veggies. If you plant tomatoes in May, the first fruit won’t show up until September. Anyway, when we got the unit, we both thought back to our old garden and decided it would be fun to have fresh tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, and maybe other non-root veggies. Mrs. Lion did some online research into hydroponics and came across some nice-if-expensive units that would work for us.

We decided to order a large Aerogarden. According to what we could learn, this is the best home hydroponic “farm” around. With any luck, we will have fresh, organic veggies in a few weeks. Given the crazy prices for food, it’s possible this thing will eventually pay for itself. If not, we will enjoy the experience of indoor farming.

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