The other day, Mrs. Lion harvested lettuce from our hydroponic “farm” and made the most delicious salad I have ever eaten. Talk about fresh veggies; our salad was harvested a few minutes before eating. Our farm is organic with no GMOs. We also have tomatoes, basil, and strawberries that are not ready yet. I’m amazed at how fast things grow. We planted the lettuce and tomatoes just four weeks ago. I think it will be another month or so before we get tomatoes and strawberries. I read that hydroponic gardens grow five times faster than the same plants in soil.

Mrs. Lion said she would spank me on Thursday after my shower and then edge me later in the evening. Unfortunately, she is a little under the weather, so the closest contact we had was holding hands. I’m not complaining. I wasn’t looking forward to the “just because” spanking. Mrs. Lion said it wasn’t really a “just because” spanking. She said that I had interrupted her at least once. Fair enough.

She brought up a problem she has with punishing me for subjective offenses. It’s her concern that she isn’t able to promptly spank me after I interrupt, for example. She’s right. Most of the time, she isn’t prepared to stop what she is doing to paddle me. If I forget to set up the coffee pot, that isn’t a problem. She usually remembers to punish me as soon as it’s convenient for her. Interrupting doesn’t seem to stick in her mind the same way catching me failing to do a chore does.

That makes sense. She has years of experience catching and punishing me for missing chores. I don’t think the same mental muscles cover subjective offenses. From an early age, we are conditioned to overlook little annoyances like conversational faux pas. Yes, they annoy us, but we are trained to overlook them in order to let conversations flow smoothly. We are taught not to correct people. Now, Mrs. Lion is being asked to correct me very strongly.

I think that she will ultimately succeed. The “just because” spankings have helped a little. At least they allow her to punish those conversational annoyances collectively. I’ve been thinking about this challenge. Mrs. Lion suggested telling me that I have a “strike” when I break one of her subjective rules. That’s fair enough. I wonder if it isn’t a little more complicated than we need. When I forget a chore, Mrs. Lion tells me something wasn’t done. We both know what that means.

What if she paused in what we were talking about and told me that I just interrupted or acted like a know-it-all. Nothing more. Anything that she wants me to correct could simply be pointed out. Later, I can remind her that she called me out, and she can decide how she wants to punish me. We are partners, and my job is to help her. I am very good at remembering that I am in for a spanking or mouth soaping, or both. It’s my job to help her remember.

The important thing is that we develop this new, more difficult behavioral pattern. We both agreed that we wanted to do it. It’s time that we both step up.

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