Going With the Flow

Why does the weekend fly by? Several workdays last week took forever to get through. Saturday? Poof! Gone. It’s almost the end of summer. Not that seasons mean anything. We’ve been talking about going somewhere for a few days. Without the trailer, we aren’t necessarily concerned with the time of year. Sure, it would be nice to see certain places with fall leaves or with snow or without snow, for that matter. But we’re not tied to campgrounds being open only for part of the year.

Every weekend, I think about playing with Lion earlier in the day. There’s no reason not to. Why can’t I drag out the massage table at 2 in the afternoon? No reason. Well, it’s in Lion’s office and if he’s at his desk, there’s a reason. But most of the time he’d willingly vacate his desk chair if it meant fun time for Lion. He’s been working on his book for a while. He got some great feedback and he’s had his nose to the grindstone. He might be less willing to vacate his chair. And I don’t blame him. If he’s on a roll, keep rolling.

I’m not sure if he was snoozing while I made dinner last night. After I did the dishes, I snuggled over and started playing with weenie and the boys. It sounded like he was enjoying it, but then I heard the even breathing of him snoozing. There’s also a little “poo” noise when his lips finally let the air out. He apologized for not getting hard. He said he was tired. Yup. I could tell. Falling asleep while I play with him is a tell-tale sign of being tired.

This morning it occurred to me that I put him to sleep by playing with his balls. That happens sometimes. I remember a long time ago seeing some show on television how a guy could put alligators to sleep by rubbing their stomachs. Obviously, they had to be somewhat tame to begin with for him to be able to flip them over without being chomped on. But I think of that every time I rub Lion’s balls and he falls asleep.

Lion riding was a no-go last night. Maybe tonight. Maybe not. I’ll just go with the flow.