Tonight May Be The Night


We went out for lunch yesterday. Lion was craving a hamburger, fries, and a chocolate shake. We had prescriptions to pick up nearby, so it all worked out. The problem is that we were full afterward. Well, no, that’s not a problem. We were full long afterward. We didn’t want dinner. That tends to throw us off.

The other problem is that it’s been humid around here. It’s not usually humid here in the summer. When we have rain, it rolls in and out fairly quickly. It’s been overcast, and the air has been very heavy. Yuck. It’s not technically warm enough for air conditioning, but I was hot. We had the fan going, so it helped to a point. I’m usually hotter than Lion anyway, so he was probably chilly with the fan on. Despite that, I was determined to give Lion some happy time.

I asked him to lay across the bed so I could suck him. I warned him I didn’t feel like Lion riding. I’d been having gut issues, and I hadn’t had a shower in a few days. I didn’t think he wanted a sticky lioness riding him. Wild lions don’t care, or if they do, they can’t exactly say, “Excuse me, my dear. You smell like last night’s zebra. Can you go to the river and rinse off?” Today I am showered with no sign of gut issues.

Lion wasn’t going to have an orgasm last night anyway. I promised him some riding, and he’ll get his orgasm that way. However, because I was hot, I could only get him most of the way to the edge. He had fun, but he wished I’d continued on. Doesn’t he always? When I ride him tonight, I’ll make sure it’s cool enough for me to get him to the promised land.