February Sucks Too

Not only did the Rams lose in what had to be the most boring Super Bowl ever, but we also got snow yesterday into today. Western Washington does not do snow well. I heard on the news that there were a hundred trucks out plowing Seattle. Granted, we don’t see much snow west of the Cascades, but they always seem surprised when it happens, even if they’ve known about the storm for a week. Anyway, I’m losing yet another day of work because the roads are fairly treacherous. Actually, I could probably make it. I have four-wheel drive. Lion doesn’t want me to chance somebody else not being able to drive in snow crashing into me. Better safe than sorry.

It looked like Lion’s prediction of a 3-0 football game was going to come true. I was fine with that as long as the Rams had the three points. They didn’t. Well, they got them, but it wasn’t enough. By the time the Patriots scored the last field goal, I was so annoyed I forgot that Lion was supposed to get four swats for each point. I only gave him two swats per point. Oh well. There’s always next year.

I’m not sure if the swats he got were enough to make him horny or if he was already horny, but Lion wanted some action. I edged him quite a few times before I went too far.


The past few times we’ve played I’ve been trying to edge him over and over to break him. I want to get to the point where he just can’t be edged anymore. I suppose giving him a ruined orgasm meets that criteria but it’s not the way I want to do it. I don’t want him to have a ruined orgasm. That’s not the plan.

Lion was grumbling while he brushed his teeth that he’s tired of ruined orgasms. Me too! But hey, too bad, buddy. If I want to give you ruined orgasms ten times in a row, then that’s what will happen. I don’t. I’d already said it wasn’t my intention to give him one last night. Why grumble about it? That’s the same as grumbling about having a real orgasm because he wanted to wait longer. Tough toenails. Pull up your frilly panties and move on.

Hmmm…frilly panties. Maybe he should be wearing some today.