She’s Just Doing Her Job

Sunday night, Mrs.  Lion commented, “I forgot to spank you tonight.” It was said in the same tone as, “I need to pick up some coffee.” It was a routine comment on a household chore. She’s referred to spanking me in this way for some time. Each time she does, I get a little flutter in my stomach. I do because it shows how domestic discipline has become, well, domestic.

Spanking me is an accepted, routine part of Mrs. Lion’s life. She treats it like every other obligation she has. Her approach is as unemotional as washing the dishes. This is a very good thing. Being spanked is anything but routine to me. That’s also a good thing. If Mrs. Lion is doing her job, and she is, I should dread her paddle. If she considers spanking me as a routine task, it means that she doesn’t feel any particular emotion about doing it. It’s something I need, and she delivers it.

If you follow our blog,  you’ve read her accounts of my spankings. A good example is in “A Mini “Just Because” Spanking.” Mrs. Lion reports the results of my beatings in the most routine terms:

” I wasn’t trying to make him bloody. Of course, I wasn’t not trying. Any time I use wood, there’s a good chance he’ll bleed. One of the paddles had stair tread on one side. That’s almost a guarantee of blood. I’m not even sure if he feels the stair tread tape when I drag it across his buns. Is he numb by then? I doubt he’s numb. He still yelps.”

Routine, right? Mrs. Lion isn’t heartless. It’s just that she’s spanked me hundreds of times over the years. She understands that the purpose of a spanking is to cause me pain. Yelping is a sure sign I’m hurting. She knows I expect a spanking to hurt a lot. She also understands why it’s necessary to spank me. That’s the key to domestic discipline.

Punishment (spanking) is the expected consequence of misbehavior. It isn’t sex or BDSM. It is punishment. For a long time, spanking me caused Mrs. Lion pain. She doesn’t like hurting me. That got in the way of delivering useful punishments. To her credit, she learned to spank me without hurting herself. She doesn’t have fun doing it. It’s work. It carries no more emotional loading than any other work she does. She gets a feeling of accomplishment when she does it well.

Mrs. Lion gets a certain sense of satisfaction when my bottom hurts long after she finishes beating it. She likes it when I tell her that it hurts to sit for days after my spanking. My yelps of pain provide her with feedback on the quality of her work. She isn’t heartless. She’s just doing her job.