She Put Clothespins On My Penis

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post, A Little Too Successful, I ended up having an unplanned handjob orgasm. It was exactly 7 days since my last. It took a while. I was wondering if I would even get close. She managed to get me to the edge and stopped leaving me panting. She waited a bit and began again. It took a while, but she got close again. This time instead of waiting, she paused a few seconds and began again. I got too close and went over the edge. She noticed and immediately continued jerking me off. I had a very nice orgasm. It was the first one in months that she produced using her hands.

Before the handjob, I had to pick a card from the Box O’Fun. This time it was “Clothespins”. Mrs. Lion announced that it was the more gentle wooden ones. It turned out not to be so gentle. She covered my balls and perineum, being sure to hit all the sensitive spots. Then she announced she was going to try something new and then put clothespins on the shaft of my hard cock. She told me that I must like them there since I was completely hard (Click here to see what I looked like). I may have been hard, but it hurt like hell!

My very stiff penis gave away that I was having fun. It’s certainly an incentive for Lioness 3.0 to step up her game. Women who like performing CBT generally prefer that the penis is hard during play. It feels more humiliating to display a hard cock while painful play is going on. This is particularly true at parties where others are watching.

Erections are not very controllable. It is nearly impossible for me to get soft if I want. I think that’s what adds the humiliation. It’s part of me that displays my sexual interest that is obvious and I can’t hide it. One advantage of wearing a chastity device is that erections are suppressed. Mrs. Lion likes to tease me when I get hard during play.

In the past, when Mrs. Lion put those horrible little dollhouse clothespins on my penis, I stayed rock hard. More recently when she tried, I lost my erection once they were on. Mrs. Lion has at least four different types of clothespins that she applies to my genitals. Most are more painful than the common wooden ones she used on Monday night. I think she has cards in the Box O’Fun (she named it!) for at least three different kinds.

It;’s no secret that Mrs. Lion prefers CBT to any other form of BDSM play. This has been true since the beginning. She took to it immediately. It was more than a year before she spanked me hard enough to sting. I like anal play, but we don’t do that much. CBT seems to be her go-to activity with me.

I’m not complaining. She has gotten very good at CBT and my erection clearly shows my appreciation. For the record, erection or not, she does the CBT she planned. One CBT activity she hasn’t tried in a long time is penis spanking. That really hurts. She spanks the head of my penis. It isn’t safe to spank the shaft. There is too much delicate tissue in there. The head is very capable of being spanked and hurts like hell with very little effort. She likes to spank my balls. I am not fond of that. She is, so I get that fairly often.

I’m not complaining that Mrs. Lion likes to spend time between my legs even if it often hurts. It’s just another way we fit so well together.


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