We are both under the weather. We tested positive for COVID again. This is after feeling fine and testing negative (we did two tests a day apart) for about a week. This is apparently a “rebound” infection. I have no idea what that means. We are going to have video doctor visits later today (Mrs. Lion) and tomorrow for me. I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon.

I hope we can get the IV COVID treatment. That’s the only option at this point other than just being sick. Chances are good that if we can’t get the IV treatment, we won’t get very ill. Still, I’ll be happier if we can get the treatment. Meanwhile, we’re annoyed that despite our precautions, we’re sick. Yes, we know that our vaccinations will reduce the severity. Oh well.

It isn’t horrible. Mrs. Lion is working, and I’m writing, but sex is off the table. Since it is, this is a good opportunity to review where we are. I don’t understand why, but we’ve become very vanilla. I haven’t been spanked in 26 days. We haven’t done anything but vanilla sex in much longer than that. Part of the problem is that we have been sick some of that time, but not all of it.

The wind seems to be out of our sails. I can’t explain it. In a way, it feels like Mrs. Lion just wants to get through giving me whatever sex she decides to offer, and then get back to her iPad. It can’t be TV. We almost never watch live shows. We stream the programs we want to see. The other day, I suggested buying a massage table to give us a “playground” (“Farming and Playtime“). The idea is to give us a sex/BDSM/spanking venue away from our bed.

I’m not very hopeful that things will change. It isn’t up to me, and Mrs. Lion has to feel good about doing things. I’m hoping that sooner or later, a breeze will come along and get us moving again.

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  1. Sad news. I thought that this stage had already been passed. Well, get treated and get well soon. Sex can wait a little.

  2. Sad news, I think we have all been sold a total BS story on the origination and world wide protocols in dealing with this sickness. This vaccine which has been redefined many times is not a vaccine but a genetically modified fake version, consider the money generated mostly tax payer dollars paid directly to big pharm, (you trust those guys and their stock holders) do I need to name names? Follow the old adage look at the money trail. Don’t have to believe me I’m a true conspiracy theorist/believer. ..with much history to back it up, just saying. Try vitamin C, try more pure proteins foods don’t eat bad stuff because there is a lot of it. Good luck, it doesn’t get any easier as we get older, I appreciate your long running chastity column but not your politics. Finally, I say, the government would be the last place I would trust to advise me on my own healthcare issues.

    1. Author

      The vaccine is effective. It isn’t perfect. Neither of us got very sick (so far). COVID hasn’t been worse than a mild cold. This is attributable to the vaccine. Our reinfection is a known issue with the anti-viral treatment. It’s supposed to be mild. So far it is.

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