Very Low Key


I spent many years working in retail, and I regularly downed extra strength Tylenol to survive being on my feet for eight hours. I still take Tylenol proactively when I know I’ll be doing something like mowing the lawn. I can’t explain why, but I don’t usually take it when I’m sick. For whatever reason, I decide to stick it out until I can’t stand it anymore. It would probably make more sense to take it even if I don’t feel so bad because it would ward off the worse achiness that comes from trying to make it all day solo. There’s no reason I should feel as bad as I do right now. Just take the damn Tylenol.

Lion says he feels a little better today than he did yesterday. I feel about the same. He wanted me to take the day off and rest. That didn’t make sense to me because my job isn’t that strenuous. I just sit at my computer all day. However, it is taxing enough that I need to rest with my feet up after work. Lion is snoozing with the TV on. I noticed one of his balls poking out from between his legs on my way to take some Tylenol. Neither of us feels up to doing anything, but I did enjoy the view. Looking doesn’t take any energy at all. I don’t know if he’ll head back to his office at any point, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be watching TV when I’m done with work. We can take a pre-dinner snooze together.

Neither of us has been very hungry. I don’t have the energy to do much, so I’ll probably toss something in the oven later. We’ll take it easy and recuperate. Rinse and repeat until we feel better. Lion’s doctor called to reassure him that there’s no other course of treatment for him. We just have to ride it out.