By The Numbers

Saturday was shopping day. We got food, picked up our prescriptions, and bought a lot of puppy food. We were both tired when we got home. Mrs. Lion had turned on the wax pots but decided she wanted to put them off until today. Fine with me. Mrs. Lion commented in her post yesterday that I hadn’t given her a lion weather report. OK, here it is: The lion weather is hot and ready. The lioness forecast is no help for the poor lion.

I pulled a report for this site to see what pages are most popular. Our home page, which features the most recent posts, was the big winner, to my great surprise. It got almost four times the views as the next most popular, which was “How To Cage Your Man.” This page is directed at women who have been asked to lock their men in male chastity devices. It’s one of the first pages I wrote. Logically, the next most popular is ‘Now He’s Locked Up, What’s Next.” This is the follow-up to the most popular page.

The tables turn completely with our third most popular: ” Disciplinary Wives HandbookChapter 3: Spanking Your Husband.” Next is “The Tyranny Of The Erection.” The first three are articles that appear on our top navigation. The Tyranny piece is a post. It’s a little surprising that it finds itself up on top with static pages. Next, we move back to pages with “Getting A Good Fit ” and “Female Led Relationship: A Woman’s Guide,” both pages, not posts. Our most popular writing seems to be how-tos. I suppose that makes sense. Search engines probably put this type of material ahead of other stuff.

These are our most popular pages. Click the image to view larger.

As Mrs. Lion has been writing, there has only been one try at arousing me over the last week. Yesterday was my seventh day. If you are interested in such things, my wait since my last orgasm and spanking are tracked on the right side of this page. I’m not obsessed by statistics, this post notwithstanding. Most people who own websites like to see which stuff people read. It helps guide future content choices. One statistic that pleases me is how people get here; it’s almost evenly divided into thirds between search engines, other websites, and direct entry. Direct entry is when people type in our address directly. I consider this very healthy.


  1. This is logical. Anyone who is familiar with your site and has been reading your articles for a long time is unlikely to go through search engines. But those who come from them are most likely your new readers.

    1. Author

      Naturally. What strikes me is which pages people choose to read.

  2. Yes, but you should have seen what some people write! …

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