A Break From The Usual

Now that we are in our third year of enforced chastity our writing has a different slant than it did when we were first starting in 2014. (Hint: you can access old posts by clicking on the archive links at the bottom of the right column.) In those days, we wrote about our initial exploration of this now-established practice. As time went by and enforced chastity became part of day-to-day living,  our focus shifted to how our lives were changing; for that matter, as they still continue to change. In some ways I think this makes our blog less relevant to people considering or just starting with enforced chastity. I realized this would probably happen and created pages (you can find them listed by topic at the top of this page inside the black navigation bar) that cover the basic how-to’s of things we do.

It’s a fact that most people find us via searches on Google. So, where we first meet depends on what post or page Google thinks is most relevant to the individual search. This, of course, is true of almost every web site. It’s also a fact of life that most people rarely read the right column information, or even notice the navigation bar at the top of every page. I can’t complain. Our site is listed very high up on searches for relevant topics. A lot of people find us. I wonder how helpful we end up being.

Like many of the enforced chastity and FLR blogs, we don’t try to make any money from our readers. There are no ads and we don’t promote books or products that pay us if you buy them. We have no incentive to keep you here when you have the information you want. Well, that’s not entirely true. Nothing makes me happier than seeing our visitor logs and seeing that somebody spent over ten hours reading a hundred pages or more. We have no way to know who spent that time here. We just know that someone read a sequence of page. I would love to find out whether we were helpful or not.

When we first started out, I got a lot of help and ideas by reading blogs and forums. That was a major reason for all those pages that people don’t see listed at the top of the page. That’s not to say no one reads those pages. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Hundreds of people read each of them every day. Google sends them. There ‘s an entire profession dedicated to helping (for a big fee) web sites provide a great visitor experience. For commercial sites, every extra minute a visitor spends on the site is worth money to the site owner.  I have some training in this dark art and I have tried to use what knowledge I have to make visiting us a better experience.

The reason I decided to write about this stuff today is that there is a great hunger for good information about enforced chastity, FLR, and DD. For every real-life, helpful blog there are at least fifty providing fantasies and wrong, even-dangerous advice. There is no organization of reputable blogs on this subject, or any other for that matter. The Internet is still the wild west in that sense. The vast majority of bloggers don’t write about other blogs. I know that we all read one another, but for some reason we exist in our own isolated splendor. I think we need to start introducing our readers to other writing we like. Cross links are clickable words that take you to another site. Google promotes this unselfish behavior by giving more weight to sites that link to other sites. If you check out the right column of our site, you will see cross links to blogs I regularly read. It isn’t close to an exhaustive list of excellent blogs on our subject, but it represents some very good sites. Keyheld, for enforced chastity and Sheheld for FLR are other very interesting lists of sites to consider. Some are fantasy sites and others may or may not have good advice. But it is a start and worth your attention.