Weekend Fun: Farming and Spanking Saturday — Waxing Sunday

Saturday was filled with adventure and pain. Well, I got the pain. We ordered a large Aerogarden, indoor hydroponic “farm.” It arrived Friday afternoon, and Mrs. Lion assembled it on Saturday. We ordered the tallest version to permit room for tomatoes to grow. It’s huge! She assembled it with a minimum of growling. Mrs. Lion is quite vocal when frustrated. We set it up and planted tomatoes, lettuce, and a couple of herbs. It will take a week or so for them to sprout. Hydroponically grown veggies mature five times faster than those grown in the ground.

After our farm was planted, Mrs. Lion dragged out the spanking bench. I was not in the mood to be spanked. She didn’t inquire if I wanted to be spanked or not. With no fanfare, I was invited to ride it. I held my tongue. Grumbling would only make it worse. Based on her post yesterday, she knew I wasn’t happy about being spanked. I never am. She didn’t strap me down. I wish she wouldn’t skip that step. I know I moved around a lot. She had no problem finding her target.

I’m writing the post at noon on Sunday. Mrs. Lion will be waxing me later this afternoon. She’s getting much better at this craft. It takes her a lot less time, and the results are better. Part of the reason is that the hair is growing back less and less. She’s scaring it away. She uses light mineral oil to clean away any remaining wax when she’s done. She’s especially careful with my cock. She uses a lot of oil there. Invariably, it swells. Last time I had an orgasm—a waxy, oily, happy ending.

In her post, Mrs. Lion indicated that I’m high maintenance because I don’t like burnt pizza and have sensitive skin and nose. I can’t help those things. My skin can’t be that sensitive the way she beats me. You’d think she couldn’t wait to give me away. It doesn’t matter. There’s no waiting list for used lions. [Mrs. Lion — We’re also past the warranty period.]