OK Maybe I’m Not Paying Attention

I had to mow the dog’s lawn last night. We were in danger of losing her in the tall grass. It was also the last day with no rain in the forecast. It took me about an hour to do the dog’s area and the front yard. I’m sure Lion told me he’d written a post. He usually does. Yesterday was another busy day at work and I must have blanked on it. I didn’t read it until almost bedtime. Then I found out that Lion was horny and looking for love. Crap!

In my defense, I snuggled over with him when I was done with my shower. I figured he might be horny, but I got no encouragement. He did move up in the bed, but that doesn’t specifically mean he wants attention. After I read his post, he said he wondered why I didn’t do anything. Then he wondered what sort of encouragement he’s supposed to give me. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe something other than just lying there. Maybe pause the TV. Maybe focus on me. Something. [Lion — Here we go with my biggest sexual problem: initiating sex.]

Enough excuses. I should have just gone for it. He should have told me he was horny. I know he doesn’t want to be needy, but sometimes I need a shot across the bow. Yes, if I had read his post I’d have known, but I didn’t. At what point should he step up and tell me he’s horny rather than whining that I didn’t know? I’m not saying he whined this time, but he does sometimes. We both need to be responsible for this. It can’t be solely on one person. Neither one of us can read minds. I don’t think it’s fair to assume he’s horny. I don’t think it’s fair to assume I know he’s horny.

When did this become so difficult? Lion had an orgasm every night around 10, like clockwork. At some point that changed. When? Why? I know it’s unreasonable to expect him to continue that pace. We both got older. We both got fatter. We let a lot of stuff go, apparently.