Back Where I Belong


I can’t tell you how good it was to get home last night. The dog went nuts. She couldn’t run around fast enough to show me how much she missed me. I think it was on my layover, when I was talking to Lion, he put me on speaker and she looked for me when she heard my voice. But nothing compared to the chaos of actually walking through the door. Lion tried to come out of the bedroom to greet me, but decided it was better to wait for me rather than have the dog knock him over. She wouldn’t have done it on purpose. She almost knocked me over a few times in her frenzy.

I stopped and grabbed dinner for us on the way home. I didn’t think either of us would want to cook or even figure out what to eat. Burgers and fries sounded good. It wasn’t the food that mattered. It was the company. I was tired. I’d been up since 7 am, which is 4 am west coast time. Obviously, whatever time it said on our bedroom clock, my body said it was three hours later. Despite that, I managed to make it till after 11 before we went to bed. And we woke up at 7. And then we went back to sleep again. I’m still tired but it’s more of a normal tired.

Based on Lion’s post from this morning, I’m not sure if he wants an orgasm or not. Maybe he wants an orgasm, but he doesn’t want me to tell him when he’s getting it. I was going to give him an orgasm whether he wanted it or not just to “reset” the clock. I don’t think he wants that. So what do I do? If I try to arouse him and it doesn’t work, do I just give up for the day? He seemed to like the idea of being tied to the bed, but seems to want more than that. He doesn’t want wham bam thank you ma’am. I can understand that. He also said he knows he’s a chore, which I’ve told him a million times he’s not. But if I think I’m not doing wham bam thank you ma’am and he does, we’ve gotten our signals crossed again.

I’m pretty sure he won’t tell me what he wants, except that he wants me to be in charge. I guess I’ll just do what I think I should do and see if that lines up with what he wants. Yeah. That won’t end poorly. I’m going to cross my fingers and go in with a positive attitude. We’re going to have fun. I’m going to get Lion excited, he’ll make it to the edge, and he may or may not have an orgasm. It’ll be my little secret.

[Lion — I think Mrs. Lion was very tired when she read my post from yesterday (Link). I said that a businesslike jerkoff is an expected activity. I also didn’t say I would be unhappy if I got to ejaculate tonight. I think it would be very nice. Perhaps a re-read of the post is in order.]