As much as I think that we communicate with one another via our posts, invariably, the messages get mixed. For example, Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, Based on Lion’s post from this morning, I’m not sure if he wants an orgasm or not. ”

I wrote in my post yesterday, ” Mrs. Lion announced that she is making me ejaculate today (Sunday). It’s also been ten days since my last orgasm… We have a king-sized bed. It’s big enough to restrain me across it. In that position, she can easily jerk me off or give me oral sex. Yum!”  I also wrote that if she wanted to tie me up, she could. I suggested a new way for her to try.

I also wrote about a couple of different approaches she could use when she does decide to stimulate me sexually. I didn’t editorialize about my preference for any particular method. I did write about edging and how nice that is, especially when tied to the bed. I think that Mrs. Lion thought I was referring to Sunday’s activity. I wasn’t.

I also wrote a lot about spanking and also included a link to a video that illustrated the spanking technique I found very effective. She didn’t discuss that in her post or in-person with me. She also didn’t mention self-reporting. I expected her to weigh in on that. I wasn’t just referring to the single coffee pot incident. I wondered if it spoiled her game if I inform her when I break a rule.

This communication issue isn’t just limited to us. I learned that if I sent an email to my boss covering a number of subjects, invariably, only the first bullet would be addressed. Sometimes, like Mrs. Lion, a single item lower in my email would be answered. The rest of the information was ignored. I learned to write separate emails for each item I wanted to be addressed. That worked.

If I want to use a blog post to make suggestions to Mrs. Lion, perhaps I need to restrict the post to one item. Yesterday’s post covered several spanking thoughts and several sexual and BDSM ideas. Maybe I am less clear than I think when I talk about things that Mrs. Lion might want to consider. I don’t expect her to do what I write about immediately. That’s never my point. I want to discuss the ideas with her. That almost never happens. I am happy to write about my ideas, but my real goal is to start discussions with my lioness.

Listen to this post.