A New Spanking Technique And It’s Not Just About The Orgasm

The dog is playing around my desk chair. It’s Saturday morning, and we’re waiting for Mrs. Lion to return to us. Her flight from the East Coast was canceled last night. Her airline found her another flight today. Instead of a nonstop, she has to change planes in Chicago. She is just taking off now. We’ll see her in a few hours.

I think that the airlines are getting away with murder. Mrs. Lion’s nonstop flight was canceled because of “staffing trouble.” Am I supposed to be sympathetic about that? Nope. Nonstop flights are more expensive than multi-leg flights. We’re supposed to be so grateful that the airline didn’t leave Mrs. Lion stranded that we should overlook the inequities of the replacement. I’m not grateful. I’m pissed, and I’m trying to get a partial refund to cover the difference. I’ll keep you posted.

The night before Mrs. Lion left, I forgot to set up the coffee pot until well past the 5 PM deadline. Mrs. Lion didn’t mention it. That’s highly unusual. I can’t remember another time she didn’t note it. Because our take on domestic discipline is part game, part serious, we never discussed the concept of self-reporting. It could be that Mrs. Lion didn’t think I earned punishment because she was leaving the next morning by 6 AM and didn’t expect us to need to brew coffee. We didn’t. She didn’t mention it. Should I tell her? I think I should. [Mrs. Lion — I mentioned it to him when I came out of my shower. He said he did set it up. He snuck out while I was in the shower. I also told him he’d get out of doing it while I was gone since he probably wouldn’t make a whole pot of coffee just for him. I didn’t think he needed to be punished for it.]

OK, if I self-report too early, I take away Mrs. Lion’s chance to play the “game.” I’ll ask her how she wants to deal with it. The truth is that I forgot to set up the coffee pot. I didn’t think that we wouldn’t need it the next morning. It was my mistake, and I deserve to be punished. I’m sure that Mrs. Lion will agree. Tomorrow it will be eleven days since my last spanking. I know that she thinks that is a good interval to paddle me again.

Speaking of paddling, she did something very different the last time she spanked me. She paddled me hard and fast for a little while. That really got my attention. I think it was the most effective technique I’ve ever experienced. She had to hold me down. I really wanted to escape. She will need to strap me down or sit on me to keep me still for that. I’ve seen spanking videos that featured the same technique. This is a short video illustrating it. It looked very hard to take. It is. I think that a ten-minute spanking will feel like it’s going on for hours if I’m spanked that way. Stay tuned, I’ll find out if it does.

On my flip side

Mrs. Lion announced that she is making me ejaculate today (Sunday). It’s also been ten days since my last orgasm. She mentioned that she wanted to be able to restrain me across the bed. Until now, she has me restrained in the normal sleeping orientation. We have a king-sized bed. It’s big enough to restrain me across it. In that position she can easily jerk me off or give me oral sex. Yum!

All I know is that she’s going to get me off. She may also spank me for the pre-trip coffee pot. In terms of getting me off, there are a couple of approaches. One is sort of BDSM. That’s a businesslike jerk-off that is intended to milk me. Any extra stimulation, like tickling my balls, is performed to reduce the time it will take to get me off. It isn’t as much fun for me, but like spanking, it’s hot to think about.

I don’t know if Mrs. Lion thinks about the way I perceive the sex she gives me. I suspect that women aren’t aware of the subtleties we males perceive. It isn’t the actual handling of the penis that makes it different. Of course, penis techniques do feel different. Where it is stimulated is the most obvious. A mouth feels different from a hand; a lot different. A vagina is another.

I always liked oral best. Though now, since it’s been so long since I’ve felt it, vaginal would be a big treat. I digress. The subtle difference is the intention of the activity. In our relationship, Mrs. Lion controls all sex. So we rule out the difference between male-controlled sex and female control. Within the realm of female control, there are many possibilities.

One of the big ones is the suspense of not knowing if I will get to ejaculate. Mrs. Lion is perfectly happy to edge me over and over and then stop. She sometimes edges me a few time and then lets me finish. Then, she might just go at it to get me off as quickly as she can. I understand that I’m a sexual chore that needs to be done as quickly as possible. That can be hurtful. I don’t get the sense that she is milking me because it is a fun, shared experience. It’s a chore.

On the other hand, if she tells me that it’s milking time and maybe has me on hands and knees, the same businesslike jerk-off is exciting and part of a cool fantasy. I’m not complaining. Obviously, edging and getting off is big fun. I think that a lot of women believe that’s enough. I don’t know any women who would want their partner to just go at their clits. Sure, they’ll get off eventually, but won’t love the experience. Men are no different, It’s not just about the orgasm. Even if I say it is, it isn’t.