Take the Picture

I don’t know why Lion thinks photos I’d post would be different from ones he’d post. I take most of the pictures and he fiddles with them and adds them to posts. Sometimes he’ll tell me he wants a certain angle or zoom level, but I just point and click otherwise. I don’t have the patience to spend any length of time setting up a shot. Many years ago, we went to Yellowstone. Lion took forever to take pictures. I was ready to move on to the next thing and he was still waiting for the water to flow a certain way or the sun to be a certain brightness or that bison to pick up his head. Geez. I get it. He’s got all this fancy equipment and he wants to get the perfect shot. If the lens doesn’t focus itself, I’m done. Keep it simple.

[Lion — Yes, I fuss more. Mrs. Lion takes all of the pictures of me. I was encouraging her to try to provide a less clinical view and more of how she felt at the time she took the picture. For example, was it most important to capture all of her handiwork in one shot? Was there a particular detail that moved her? I think seeing through her eyes would be very exciting.]

Once I had him all clothespinned up and hard, I took a few pictures. I should have done it from a different angle. I was trying to get his boobie clothespins and the ball clothespins in one shot. The dog was in the way. Blah, blah, blah. Take the picture. So I did. And Lion just had me pick which one I want to use. That one. Then he asked how I want it cropped. Show the boobs and balls. And I walked out of the room. Done. If he wants it perfected, he can mess with it. Beyond choosing which one to use, it didn’t matter to me. It showed what I wanted it to show whether there was extraneous stuff around the edges or not. See? No patience.

The main thing is that I wanted to turn him on. I did. Then I wanted to suck him. I did. I wasn’t going to give him an orgasm, but then he gave me some precum, so I did. The cream filling only amounted to about as much as the pre-cum, but I love whatever I can get. It’s been quite a while since he’s produced precum and I was as excited as he was. Now I have to wait another few days until his supply has regenerated. Keep doing that, Lion, and you can have an orgasm every time.