Lion came out of his office yesterday afternoon saying he felt very unsteady. He wobbled his way to the bed to rest for a while. He was concerned about not setting up the coffee pot. I told him not to worry about it. His feeling better is more important than the coffee pot. I’d be right near it while I made dinner. I could certainly do it. I thought he snoozed for a bit, but he said he just had his eyes closed. He seemed better by the time I was done with work. Not completely better, just not as bad. By dinner time, he was even better.

After dinner, he said he could set up the coffee pot if I wanted him to. I’d already done it. I give him a pass when he’s not feeling well. I’m not a monster. I don’t beat him when he’s already down. Obviously, this rule is not crucial to the survival of the species. Neither of us will die if it takes a few more minutes to set up the coffee pot in the morning. Lion doesn’t do, or not do, anything that really needs to be “fixed”. Even his rule not to interrupt isn’t a deal breaker for our marriage. It may annoy me, but I’m not going to leave him because he interrupts or acts like a know-it-all. These rules are in place to give me a reason to punish him.

I guess when you get along as well as we do, you have to set up silly rules if you want to practice domestic discipline. If he seriously annoyed me, I’d talk to him about it. I may follow it up with a spanking because that’s our arrangement, but we’d talk first. It takes a lot to seriously annoy me. I do like to point out when he’s being sort of a know-it-all. My daughter is going to be renting an apartment and when we looked at the floor plan, Lion wondered who would make the bedrooms so small. I don’t think it’s a bad apartment, especially for a first apartment, and given how many people have apartments that size for their whole lives. Then we looked at an old apartment he used to live in. The bedrooms were about the same size. He said that’s because the lot was so narrow and this had to be this way and that had to be that way. Uh-huh. Sure. And then he said her apartment is in a bad neighborhood as if that makes the bedroom size worse. Nope. Sorry, dude. That argument doesn’t fly with me. [Lion — We looked at a loft I owned in Greenwich Village. When I owned it, the bedrooms were quite large. Newer purchasers had renovated and created very small rooms.]

Anyway, Lion is feeling better and we’re off to a quick doctor’s appointment for him this afternoon. Then maybe we’ll make it to get our booster shots.


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