Ready When You Are

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We did not make it out yesterday for our COVID booster shots. Lion was hunkered down in bed, watching TV and snoozing for a bit. We may go out later. We haven’t really discussed it. He said in his post that he’s been concentrating on his book, and that takes a lot out of him. I assume that means his desire for sex too, although that might be too much of an assumption. I just know he was tired yesterday.

After a spaghetti dinner last night, we lounged around and watched TV. We held hands and snuggled a bit. Too many carbs and an already-tired Lion (and Lioness, for that matter) did us in. For all my talk of having the idea to lock him back up, I didn’t. It’s more front-of-mind when we actually do something sexual. If I tease him to the edge, I’m a tiny bit more likely to lock him up. However, the locking cock ring doesn’t offer much protection against masturbation anyway. I don’t think Lion would jerk off and that slight risk isn’t worth the trouble of putting on the full cage. I tend to pinch him when I’m fighting to get everything lined up and he tends to pee all over the bathroom when he’s locked away. No thank you.

Tonight, I will take out some clothespins and see if Lion is up for some ball-pinching. He’ll probably say it doesn’t matter if he’s up for it or not. I think it has to be one of the worst things in the world to endure pain when you’re not even remotely turned on. If he’s not looking for love, why would I push it on him? Yes, I’m in charge, but if he’s not interested, it doesn’t make sense. No one wins. I’d rather wait until he’s ready and then we can both have fun.