Sunday Blues


Mrs. Lion was right. I didn’t mention my Friday night orgasm. I didn’t write a post for Sunday morning. Other than the orgasm, I didn’t have anything to write about. My attention is focused on my other writing, which drains everything out of me.

Missing a day used to matter a lot more to me. After over 5,500 posts (I wrote half), the well sometimes runs dry. I’m also nearly a decade older than when we started this blog. More people have seen my genitals than most porn stars. Every single orgasm is documented here.

There have to be times when the well runs dry. Is this one of them? Writing is hard work. Blogging isn’t the same as serious writing. It’s more extemporaneous than fiction. I don’t rework every thought before I send it out to you. Still, I do need something to say. Right now, nothing occurs to me.


I have one small bit of news. Evotion is having a “private sale.” They are offering a few “surplus” devices. You can save some money if one happens to be your size. I have their Orion model. It’s comfortable and doesn’t make my pee spray everywhere.

Mrs. Lion cleaned up our living room yesterday. I like that a lot. We can sit on the couch and watch TV. I can also use the treadmill if I get off my ass. Right now, I’m tired and want to take a nap. An afternoon snooze (Sunday) is in order.

More tomorrow.

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  1. The lion is tired. Well, sometimes it’s not a sin to relax. Especially on Sunday. Especially after dinner.

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