Lion didn’t write a post for this morning. He said he didn’t have anything to write about. I must have bored him with his orgasm the night before. He writes his posts the day before they publish, since his posts publish at 5 am Pacific time. To be fair, he doesn’t normally write the news. That tends to be my job. He usually writes about the bigger picture things or what he wants that I’m not doing. He’s been working on his book, so that’s been the bigger picture for a while.

We’ve had some strange weather lately. We don’t normally get thunderstorms. We had one Friday night. Yesterday, we had hailstorms throughout the day. At one point, it looked like it had snowed. The poor dog has been drenched and/or barred from going outside during the rain for a few days. If the rain behaves itself, we’ll go get our booster, booster shots for COVID when we pick up Lion’s prescription. I don’t know when he’s been out last. I don’t even know when I was out last. Not going out doesn’t bother me. Lion tends to get stir crazy after a while.

I rearranged the living room on Friday afternoon. Now it is Lion-friendly. He can use his treadmill and watch TV. We can use the couch. There are a few stray items that need homes, but we can enjoy the living room. And then Lion said watching TV is more difficult because you need two remotes. Hmmm. Since I can’t figure out the single remote in the bedroom, using two remotes doesn’t seem like something that should keep us from evacuating the bedroom from time to time.

Obviously, since I’m going on and on about the weather and the living room, we didn’t do anything last night. It was one day after his boring orgasm. We ate dinner sort of late. By the time I did the dishes and took a shower, it was almost 9. We just settled in and watched TV. I left him wild the other night. He said he was a little sore from the base ring rubbing. He didn’t look red, but I saw the area he was talking about. Neither one of us mentioned the ring last night. Unless he’s still sore, it will be going back on tonight.

I feel like I have to prove that I remember things. If I just think about something, it looks like I’m just doing it because Lion reminded me. Sometimes he’ll write about the ring when I’ve been thinking about putting it back on. Once I read about it, he thinks it was his idea and therefore not mine, and that means I don’t care about it. So, for the record, I want the ring back on tonight. Me. It’s my idea. Not Lion’s. Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.

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  1. Maybe it’s worth waiting a day to put on the ring if this place hurts.

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