Sadly, Mrs. Lion is still under the weather. She said she is feeling a bit better, but still not feeling very well. That’s no problem. We can wait for her orgasm and my teasing when she feels better. She removed my cage tonight. I am a wild lion. It’s now packed up to go into the mail tomorrow morning for resizing the base ring. Mature Metal has superb service. They usually turn around resizing work in a few days and always at a reasonable price. They are unbeatable for quality and service.

I have a little concern about this change. With the current 1 3/4-inch ring, it is so comfortable I completely forget I am wearing a chastity device. However, I do know the base ring is large. I can get my thumb between it and my soft penis. I think I can probably wear  a 1 1/2-inch ring comfortably, but I am not confident. So, I decided to hedge my bet with a 1 5/8-inch ring. I got cold paws about changing the existing ring since it feels so good to wear. So, I asked MM to make me a new 1 5/8-inch ring as well as a 1 1/2-inch ring. That way I will have the old ring and two new, smaller ones.

Of all measurements for a chastity device fitting,  the base ring diameter is the most difficult to get right. That’s why I recommend that before ordering the first device, you should test different sizes. You can get a set of measuring rings from Mature Metal for only $20. They will let you see what it feels like to live with a given size. I had ordered several inexpensive devices with an assortment of base rings. The 1 3/4-inch ring fit best. That’s why when I ordered the Jail Bird, I selected the 1 3/4-inch base ring. I waited a year before making the decision to change sizes.

How do you know you have the right size, or more importantly how do you know if you have the wrong size? The obvious answer you often read is that if your balls change color, particularly turn blue, you have a ring that is too small. Well, that’s a little like saying that you will know if your necktie is too tight if you suffocate. It’s way more subtle than that. You know a ring is too large if a ball escapes on its own. Most experienced chastity folks say that a ring is correctly sized if you can get your pinky between the ring and your body and nothing else. That may be a good indication.

The simple truth is that you just can’t tell for sure. Also, as I have discovered, my body has made a small change in the way my scrotum fits. It seems to have narrowed where the ring sits. Others have observed this too. It’s not a big change, but enough to make the original ring a bit loose.

If you, like me, wear your device 24/7, good fit isn’t enough. It has to be a perfect fit so it is comfortable and reasonably secure. Remember, no captive ball device is totally secure. No matter how tight the base ring, it can be escaped with enough work and a high tolerance for pain. It’s like my wedding ring. I can take it off, but I don’t want it so loose it can fall off. Security to me is knowing that it would be a lot of work to get out and probably impossible to get back in.

So how far should you go in terms of a tight base ring? This is the subject of endless online forum posts. I like the only-your-pinky-should-fit-between-the-ring-and-your-body rule. But the absolutely most important rule is that you can wear the ring and the device comfortably without doing anything, like using lube, to make it wearable. You should be able to forget it is there. Attempting to get hard should not hurt at all. You should never be awakened by an erection.

If you have decided that you want to be caged full time, then you have to treat the purchase of a chastity device as a very serious endeavor. Expect to spend the money for a custom device and expect to spend a little more on adjustments and alternate rings. Remember, that device is always attached to you. It only comes off when your keyholder wants to play with you or you have a life situation that requires it off. Over the last year it has been on me more than 99% of the time, or  361 days in the last 365. Isn’t it work the time, effort, and cost to make things comfortable?



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