I know it wasn’t exactly the waxing that made Lion happy yesterday. He was waiting for the cleanup when I rub him with oil to get the wax remnants off. I was a little mean. I put oil everywhere but the spot he wanted it. I saved the best for last. He loves a hand job with oil.

Lion seemed to have less hair than last time. I don’t know how long it’s been, but the hair he did have was thinner. Maybe he’s losing his winter fur. In any case, we were done in record time and on to his hand job. This position works well because I can switch hands without interrupting the action too much. When I’m using my right hand, my left is free to tickle his balls. I tried to make sure I wasn’t grasping too hard or going too fast. I also made sure I was hitting the spot that Lion says I must have forgotten about. I didn’t forget. It’s just sometimes difficult to hit it just right.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever given him an orgasm on the waxing table. I haven’t been teasing him for very long while I clean him off. I know he’d gone 19 days without an orgasm. We’ve had some problems, as I’m sure you’ve read recently. I decided he needed an orgasm to reset his system. Of course, I had to edge him a few times first to make him wonder. To my dismay, there was no Lion cream. It would have been wasted anyway. I couldn’t eat it mixed with oil.

I managed to get the kitchen table cleaned off so Lion could have his pancakes. It’s easier to eat some things at the table than in bed. They weren’t the best pancakes I’ve ever made, but I haven’t made them in a long time. I must be out of practice. He loved them anyway.

Since I waxed him, it was after 5 when he got out of the shower. He missed his deadline for setting up the coffee pot. It wasn’t his fault. I had the pot soaking for a while and then I delayed him with waxing. Rather than bring him down further from his orgasm high, I told him he should wander out to the kitchen. That’s my code for, “You forgot the coffee pot, but I’m giving you a pass.” Little did I know, he earned himself a punishment for leaving the shower door open.

Oh well. It’s been a while.

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  1. What else does a person need in order to be happy?

    1. Not a damn thing!

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