Three Things Men Don’t Understand About Male Chastity

After millennia of human reproduction, men still don’t understand female sexuality. Women aren’t any better at understanding males. A very good example of this is male chastity.

misunderstanding 1: women like the idea of controlling male orgasms

The entire premise of the male chastity game is that the female partner will have fun frustrating her man. How many women think about their partners’ penises? Sure, they like to see them. They may even think about nice things to do with them. I would be very surprised that they spend much time thinking about withholding orgasms from them.

Face it. We males spend a lot of time thinking about our cocks. We have spent most of our lives being able to jerk off whenever we want. Some guys get turned on thinking about their partner controlling their orgasms. Their fantasies run away with the idea. The stupid memes on the Internet say it all. They show images of models with captions expressing their pleasure at frustrating their men by locking them into a chastity device. Fat chance!

The point is that almost every woman practicing male chastity with her partner is doing it because he wants it. Many guys kill any chance of playing this game by insisting on living out the stupid fantasies they read online.

misunderstanding 2: women want to trade male orgasms for female fun

Most male chastity stories are about the cruel woman forcing her man to give her oral sex, massages, pedicures, etc., in exchange for the chance to ejaculate. If you’re with a woman who loves you, she expects you to want to sexually satisfy her without blackmail. If the only way she can get you to eat her out is to lock you in a chastity device, your relationship is doomed.

Do you seriously think a woman would enjoy knowing that the only way she could get sexual satisfaction is to lock up her husband’s cock? This idiotic idea stems from a very legitimate side effect of male chastity. If the man wants to be frustrated and made to wait, there’s a good chance his partner doesn’t want to wait for him. A rational man practicing male chastity is very willing to please his partner while locked up and unable to get pleasure himself. It’s the price of admission to the male chastity game. It’s also a lot of fun.

misunderstanding 3: women think male chastity is a lifestyle

Many men want to believe that male chastity is a new, improved way to live. There are countless stories about male sexual denial as a fun dimension to marriage. I admit that I believed this. There are many posts from our early years of male chastity where I claim it’s a way of life. Well, it isn’t.

It’s a game. That’s right, a game. Yes, we’re in our ninth year of playing it. I haven’t masturbated since December 2013. That’s when we started playing. It hasn’t changed our lives. At best, it’s a habit. I don’t think we would know how to go back to me having uncontrolled orgasms. Mrs. Lion never wants me to masturbate again. She accepts her role in the game and regulates my sexual activity.

That doesn’t make it a lifestyle. We are the same couple we were before we started. Sex isn’t that different. All that has changed is my ability to get off on my own. I asked to play the game Mrs. Lion agreed. I don’t know what would happen if I asked to stop. I don’t know what would change. I guess that she would laugh. She knows it’s too late. I haven’t forgotten how to jerk off. I feel no desire to do it, no matter how horny I feel. If she wanted, maybe I could learn again. I don’t think she wants me to try.


  1. i think chastity is what it is. and not every relationship is the same. One can speak generally, but not for all. Depends on each individual relationship. I know a gay man who has been with his partner and is allowed one orgasm a year the rest he is locked up. i am just saying and btw many things we do in life is just a game and we all want to be winners

    1. Author

      Of course, every couple is different. My point is that hardware isn’t always necessary. The key is orgasm control. Once I was trained not to masturbate, the cage was no longer necessary. Everyone plays the game the way they want.

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