I did a Costco run yesterday and then mowed part of the lawn. I was tired and achy, but not as tired and achy as I usually am after doing that much. Maybe it’s because I’m normally more tired and achy now anyway. When I was ready to settle in after my shower, Lion suggested watching a documentary series about New York City that we started last weekend. I don’t know how many parts there are, but we’re learning a lot even though Lion lived deep in the heart of Manhattan for most of his life. We were snuggled in for the night, and we didn’t do anything sexual.

Assuming the stew meat thaws enough (I just took it out of the freezer a few minutes ago), we’ll be filling the house with yummy stew smells. Most of the work is letting it cook on the stove or in the oven, so there will be time for Lion attention. Even if he has to wait until after dinner, he’ll get some action. I should have looked for the restraints over the weekend when I had more time, but I didn’t. I have a rough idea of where they are, so finding them may not be too hard. I don’t want to promise I’ll be tying him down tonight.

Part of me wants to entice him with talk of an orgasm. The past few times we’ve played, he hasn’t been able to make it to the edge. I wonder if he’d go charging up the hill with the knowledge that he’d be king of said hill. Perhaps he needs me to find those restraints first. Nothing seems to turn him on more than being tied up. I guess I’ll need to make time to find them for tonight after all. Spread-eagle and blindfolded. Who needs stew when you have a yummy Lion?

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