Beef Stew And Morning Erections

beef stew
This isn’t my beef stew. Mine is actually prettier. But it gives you the idea.

It’s noon on Sunday. I was awakened by a wet, sloppy lick from our dog. It was 8 AM and she decided we had slept enough. Mrs. Lion made breakfast and we lazed in bed until nearly 10. Then I went into the kitchen to begin cooking beef stew. This is a four-hour cook with another 30-to-40 minutes prep. One batch makes three meals for the two of us. I think this is the first time I actually started cooking early enough for us to eat the stew for dinner the same night. Right now it is in the oven braising the meat. In an hour or two I will cut and add the veggies and let it cook another hour on top of the stove. Then,  I will let it sit until dinner time.

Next, we go out to our side yard and winterize our camper. If we finish that in reasonable time, Mrs. Lion promised to manscape me. It’s been about a month. I’m due for shaving and laser treatment. At this point, there isn’t much hair left. But a few areas stubbornly continue to grow. In a post earlier this week, Mrs. Lion mentioned a sling session as well. I’m not sure of the status of that plan. She’ll update you later.

I’m very horny. I like that. I think it’s probably too soon for an orgasm. That’s fine with me. Of course, I never know.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion decided the chastity device isn’t required to restore the balance of power here. She’s probably right. We’ve moved past orgasm control. That’s now a given in our lives and I don’t think that will ever change. Again, fine with me.

The stew smells very nice. The butter-sauteed onions and garlic give the house a warm, cozy feeling.  I can’t help anticipating sexual activity later. Mrs. Lion’s expert edging nearly every night has increased my heat more and more every day. I like the way this feels. Like the stew, a nice morning erection accompanied by thoughts of Mrs. Lion stimulating my penis, gives me a feeling of warmth and security. An excellent combination!