The Invisible Male Chastity Device

You may wonder why a locking cock ring is a valid expression of male chastity. It’s ironic that in this kink, we start with the most extreme expression, a male chastity device. This device has two main components: a base ring that goes around the cock and balls and a cage that encases the penis and prevents erection and ejaculation. Its purpose is to prevent masturbation.

I wore various male chastity devices (cages) 24/7 for over three years. Mrs.Lion tapered off locking me up after I had shoulder surgery. That was about three years after she started. It became clear that I had “forgotten” how to masturbate. Sure, there are times I play with my penis. I never get close to orgasm. It isn’t so much that I stop myself. I just don’t think of it. All those years in a male chastity device broke me of the habit.

More recently, I’ve missed the feeling of my penis belonging to my lioness. Sure, I know it’s hers, but I liked it when I wore a device locked around my cock. A simple solution would be to go back to wearing a male chastity device. I hesitate because the device makes peeing difficult. My urethra wanders off-center in a device and urine sprays. One of our readers gave his solution for that problem. He pees into a cup held over his cage. The cup catches the spray. Smart. We have a plastic 32-ounce pitcher that would be perfect.

I had a less radical idea. Since I don’t need a male chastity device to prevent masturbation, maybe a locking cock ring would do the trick. Mature Metal makes this device, the same people who make the Jail Bird, my favorite male chastity device. Essentially, it is a Jail Bird with the cage removed. It has the base ring that goes around my cock and balls and the first penis ring of the chastity device.

The penis ring is slightly larger than the one on my Jail Bird. That’s to allow for expansion when I get hard. It’s not designed to strangle my erect penis. It’s tight enough to apply pressure, but not too much. The people at Mature Metal say it is a good way to start before wearing a cage. I disagree. It’s really an invisible male chastity device. Make no mistake; it’s securely locked in place. Sure, I can get my penis out, but it isn’t coming off my balls.

I chose a double base ring for my invisible chastity device. It’s heavier but more comfortable than a single ring. If I were to go back to wearing the Jail Bird full time, I would ask Mrs. Lion to let me order the double ring for it. I don’t recommend a double-ring when you start out. The chances are good that you will need to try at least one different size ring to get the perfect fit. The double rings are much more expensive to replace. Once you are sure you have the perfect size, get the wider ring if you want.

When I wore the Jail Bird, Mrs. Lion would comment on how much she liked seeing it on me. She hasn’t made any comments about my invisible chastity device. It keeps my balls front and center like the Jail Bird did. It’s impossible for me to forget I’m locked up. Time will tell if the invisible male chastity device works for us.

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