Get Out Of Bed

Maybe is a popular word here. It doesn’t mean no and isn’t yes. The beef stew wasn’t made because it was frozen solid at 3:30. It takes too long to cook for us to start any later than this. I suppose that clears the deck for sexual activity tonight. That doesn’t mean there will be any, just that it is possible.

I’m getting cynical about sex. We still don’t have a good way to communicate desire and intention. If I say I’m horny, Mrs. Lion will do something for me even if she isn’t feeling well. If I don’t say anything and wait to see if something develops, it usually won’t. That’s how we’ve gotten to 15 days since my last orgasm. I’m writing this on Monday afternoon.

We have a failure to communicate. There’s a more difficult problem. Mrs. Lion and I can’t seem to get properly situated for handjobs. She currently sits on the edge of the bed near my feet and works from there. I have to make room for her while still providing access to my naughty bits. It’s difficult for me in that position.

I’ve been wondering about using the spanking bench instead of the bed. If I lie on my back, she can sit in a chair and have very good access. The bench is narrow enough for her to find a good spot. Alternatively, the waxing table is at just the right height for her if she is standing. We have a Sleep Number bed, and it isn’t great for this.

When we had the sling set up, it provided excellent access for manual and oral stimulation. It was also perfect for anal play. Too bad we almost never used it. That brings me to my central point. Our best stuff, from spanking to blow jobs were delivered out of bed. Our bed is far from ideal for most sex.

I also think that if we teach ourselves to go somewhere other than the bed for most sex and play, it will set expectations accurately and will provide a certain amount of locational foreplay when we move to the assigned spot. Moving spankings to the spanking bench improved more than just the delivery of the punishment. It also makes Mrs. Lion’s intention totally clear. We are both prepared for what is to come.

This is equally valuable for sex. If we can improve delivery as well as atmosphere, we have a serious winner. What do you think, Mrs. Lion?

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  1. We must experiment. Surely there is a better place and pose.

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