beef stew

We finally made our beef stew last night. We started after I got off work so it took us long into the night to get done cooking, cleaning, and packaging. It’s in the fridge “curing” before I carve out room for it in the freezer. Now we have a supply of chicken soup and stew to get us through those nights when we don’t know what else to cook or just need some comfort food.

The stew is made in our eight-quart Le Creuset dutch oven. It’s a heavy pot made even heavier by the ingredients. When I lifted it in and out of the oven, I tweaked my shoulders, neck, and anything else that was looking for a reason to hurt. I was tired and achy and sex was not happening. I think Lion was tired too, so I’m not sure he was looking for sex anyway. [Lion — No, I wasn’t.]

This morning, I thought it was Wednesday and Lion thought it was the weekend. I like his idea better. I’d like to be able to lounge in bed for a day or so, all snuggled in close to my Lion. We could watch movies and eat our soup and stew. That sounds perfect to me.

Tonight, Lion should be ready for some sort of attention. He may not get fully aroused, but I can still give it a shot. It’s been a few days. His batteries might have recharged by now. Last time he had an orgasm, he was ready the next day, if I recall correctly. This time around, he had a super long wait because we couldn’t get our act together. This didn’t work for me. That didn’t work for him. The other thing didn’t work for either of us. I won’t promise we’ve got it all worked out, but I think we’ll do better. I’m almost positive he won’t have another 19 days wait.

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