Assume The Position

It seems counterintuitive that on a male chastity blog, so much attention is paid to my rear end. Since we practice domestic discipline, my bottom is spanked fairly regularly. Mrs. Lion has also committed to regular anal play as well. This makes sense. Male chastity is about regulating my orgasms. Mrs. Lion limits them to when she thinks I should get release. Anal activity and spanking are unregulated and occur more frequently.

We spent years working out the best placement of my bottom for spanking. Over the knee never worked for Mrs. Lion. Other placements, like on the bed, didn’t afford her the easy access she needed. We finally discovered our spanking bench. It’s at just the right height, and my legs dangle down so that my entire rear is fully exposed for her attention.

Before moving to our current home, we had a sling that she put me in. The sling kept my bottom high in the air. My legs were spread so that she had excellent anal access. The height was adjusted to be perfect for her. Even though we had this setup, Mrs. Lion usually preferred the bed with me on my knees.

She feels that this arrangement isn’t ideal anymore. We have no place to hang the sling. I suggested that she could also use the spanking bench for anal activities. The only difference in my position would be with my legs apart, riding it. This might give her good access. The bench is lower than the sling. Fortunately, Mrs. Lion’s office is right next to where we use the spanking bench. She can roll her desk chair into the room and comfortably sit while she tortures me.

Maybe the spanking bench could do triple duty as a CBT handjob platform. If I lie on my back with my legs dangling off the end, Mrs. Lion could sit in her desk chair and deal with me in comfort. We have straps to hold me down. My hands and feet could easily be attached to the legs of the bench. Who knew it would turn out to be such an excellent multitasker.