Checking Out His Ass

Lion has his MRI this afternoon. He says he hopes they can find his brain. I’ve been teasing him that maybe they’ll need a microscope rather than an MRI. If they find something, it may be good news if they can fix it. If they don’t find something, the question remains unanswered. Which is better? I have mixed feelings. If it can be fixed, it’s great, but what if it can’t? And if they don’t find anything we still don’t know what’s going on. Does that mean more tests? Or does he wait to see if it happens again and rush to the ER for an MRI then? Many years ago, they did an EEG to see if they could figure out my migraines. They concluded that the EEG needed to be done while I was having a migraine, but you can’t exactly schedule a migraine to coincide with the EEG. I guess I’m hoping for a discovery that is fixable.

[Lion — The problem that brought all this on was that one morning I woke up and my vision was much worse than usual. The world was dark; just shadows. I also had a hard time keeping my balance. When I had my neurologist visit, she worried that it might be an issue with blood flow to my brain. The MRIs are going to look to see if there is blood blocked or some other brain problem.]

Last night, Lion had some sort of reaction to dinner. He has it every once in a while. I think it has something to do with chicken. He thinks it’s an allergic reaction. It doesn’t happen every time he eats chicken, but he has eaten chicken when it happens. It’s weird. It left him worn out and with a sore tummy. He said I could play with my weenie, but I must have misunderstood how much he wanted me to play with it. In hindsight, he might have been okay with playing all the way. I just fondled him for a while.

He’s been making remarks about spanking lately. Perhaps it’s time for a “just because” spanking. Obviously, I couldn’t do it last night. Tonight is another night. While I have him on the spanking bench, I can evaluate using it for anal play. We won’t do any, but I can check out the lay of the land. I know his buns are accessible. I need to check out how accessible his anus is. I have a feeling it will be more than adequate. I applaud Lion for thinking of it. He may wish he hadn’t.