It Doesn’t Matter How I Feel About It — That’s What Makes It Hot

Things are getting more interesting and almost certainly more uncomfortable for me. Mrs. Lion plans on resuming anal activity on a regular basis (“Two Problems to Solve“) and said she would find a way to use restraints to fasten me, spread-eagle, to the bed.

When I’m attached to the bed on my back, it is much easier to apply IcyHot to my balls. I can’t squirm or try to get up and wash it off. I just have to stay on the bed and wait for the burning to stop. Mrs. Lion loves to create a red racing stripe down my balls by applying a wide coating of the hot stuff along the seam of my balls. The same position is also useful for putting those tiny clothespins on the head of my cock. All I can do is complain. I can’t take them off.

We had a sling set up in our old house. It was the ideal way to position me for anal activity. Even though it was set up full time, Mrs. Lion didn’t put me in it more than a couple of times a year. Almost all of our anal play was on the bed. We have a yoga pillow that could support me if staying on my knees proves too difficult. So the bed is certainly a good option for resuming ass stuffing.

I was as much of a barrier to anal play as Mrs. Lion. Most of the time, when she got the lube and a toy, I made an excuse to get out of it. Anal activity is one of those things that are hot to think about and uncomfortable to do. The only way it will work is for my lioness to disregard excuses and dive in. She does that for spanking. This is no different.

I wonder if the spanking bench would be a good platform for anal activity. I could be strapped in the same position as I am for a spanking. That makes my bottom very accessible. If Mrs. Lion sat in her desk chair, she would be at a perfect height to access my ass. If that works, it will solve two problems: The first is that I’m already trained to mount the bench when told. The second is that she can strap me down and avoid any difficulty when things get painful.

Anal play and IcyHot are very similar to spanking because my active cooperation shouldn’t be expected. Yes, I cooperate by getting in position and consenting to the activities. Once they start, my cooperation is no longer needed or expected. Mrs. Lion knows that I won’t like the stretch of my asshole or the pain on my cock and balls. She also knows that it turns me to think about those activities. It’s just like spanking.

Once we begin a BDSM activity, only a safeword should stop it. It’s easy to forget that in the heat of the moment. I know what I am getting into. She knows that I will not have fun while she does those things to me. She also knows that after the pain is gone, I’m turned on thinking about what happened to me.

In a slightly different way, this applies to sex. Once Mrs. Lion starts to edge me, she shouldn’t quit just because I start getting soft or tell her that I’m done. In the past, when she decides to press (jerk?) on, I almost always get hard again and reach the edge. In one-way sex, it’s very exciting to know that I don’t decide when it’s done. Mrs. Lion knows that in terms of stopping before I can ejaculate. I think it’s the same thing when I start losing interest. It’s not my choice. Mrs. Lion is in control.