Maintain A Firm Grip At All Times

leading man by his balls
Leading a man by the balls. Nothing says control like this!

Sunday night, Mrs. Lion decided to spank me using the method I shared with her in an earlier post. I also put a picture of it in her last post. (Click here to see that image) I was positioned on the edge of the bed on my knees with my nose buried in the comforter. My legs were parted, and she had clear access to my cock and balls.

She began by grabbing my entire package and firmly pulling it back. It felt good. She spanked me using her bare hand while pulling my package with the other. Granted, a barehanded spanking is not particularly painful. Because she was tugging on my package, the skin from my balls was pulled tight. Her swats had a different, thuddy feel. It was much less sting than I expected. If she uses this position and grip with a paddle, I think it will be a brand-new sensation.

I felt very vulnerable. I could feel myself getting hard in her grip. Let’s face it, we are not used to having someone use our cock and balls as a convenient handle to keep us in position. Maybe this is the way other people feel when they receive an over the knee spanking. I don’t know because I’ve never had one. This new position gave me a very strong connection to Mrs. Lion.

My erection wasn’t about being turned on. At least I don’t think it was. It was more about such a protected part of my body being used to help punish me. I know what you’re thinking. Mrs. Lion has been known to use Icy Hot on my balls. She’s also covered them and my penis with pinching clothespins. So I’m not a stranger to her doing things to my genitals.

Somehow this was different. For one thing, she had my cock and balls pulled out behind me. I’ve rarely had that experience. Her grip was strong and she clearly meant business. I was very careful to avoid moving away from her.

Afterward, she asked me how I liked it. I told her that it made me feel her very strongly. She remarked that I probably felt more controlled. That’s it! I did. There are a lot of deep feelings attached to a firm grip around my balls or the entire package. I thought to myself that in a fun time it might be exciting to be “milked” while on my knees, nose into the comforter, cock pulled out behind me. It would certainly be a major change from my standard position on my back, legs apart.

My normal position for spanking is now with me lying over the edge of the bed with my legs dangling. Prior to this, I lay either across the foot of the bed or up and down on my side of the bed. In both cases I’m flat on my stomach. It would be very difficult to accept a harder spanking while on my knees. In the past, when we tried it, I’ve invariably collapsed down to a prone position. If Mrs. Lion has a firm grip on my cock and balls, dropping to a prone position would be problematic.

Our new over-the-edge-of-the-bed position has me bent at the hips. Mrs. Lion discovered this offers her new territory at the base of my buttocks and top of my thighs. When lying flat, the skin is rather loose their and apparently less appealing to her.

She commented that it was a bit awkward holding my balls in one hand and spanking me with the other. I suggested that one of the short paddles — we have one shaped just like a woman’s hairbrush — would probably work quite well. Naturally, she will need practice to see if she can perfect her technique in this new position.

I think that some women in dominant roles may not be aware of the immense power they have simply by non-sexually grabbing a man’s genitals. Most women have been taught to treat male naughty bits tenderly and avoid them if sex isn’t on the menu. For our part, we protect our genitals and give women the impression they are very delicate.

Balls are tough. In fact, it’s easy to cause pain down there with rough handling, but it’s fairly hard to cause any real injury. Mrs. Lion knows I hate having my balls slapped, but she also knows she’s not going to injure me if she does slap hard. That sort of contact is in the context of play or punishment. Even Mrs. Lion who isn’t a bit shy about touching and playing with my cock and balls, only gets involved when she wants to play or be sexual.

I don’t expect contact in any other context. When she grabbed my cock and balls as a handle to keep me in place for Sunday night’s spanking, it was a new context for both of us. It sent me a very strong message. Now that I think about it, nonsexual, non-play handling of my genitals sends me a strong message of her ownership.

I think I learned something that opens up a new avenue of communicating physical ownership. Routine use of my cock and/or balls as a handle or leash, if you will, injects a whole new level of intimacy and control. No one ever did what Mrs. Lion did last night when she spanked me. If she regularly used my cock and balls for nonsexual control, I think we would cross a new boundary of intimacy.

Obviously, such intimate touching isn’t possible in public situations. It’s also difficult if I’m dressed. However, a subtle squeeze to my clothed crotch is a symbolic way of reminding me of her ownership and control. This works if the context is not sexual. Even if I respond sexually by getting hard, I still get the message. It’s a little like the pre-spanking erection guys often get, and lose quickly, when they’re about to be spanked.

I’ve never thought of Mrs. Lion touching or holding my genitals in a non-sexual context. CBT and other painful activities are, at the root, sexual in nature. Using that area of my body as a way of controlling, leading me or keeping me in place, is not sexual at all. Initially, I may try to interpret it that way, but if Mrs. Lion makes it very clear that’s not what she’s doing, I will learn.

This is one of the few activities that almost all guys never experience. As such, initiating it inside a female dominant relationship offers a unique opportunity to reach inside our male psyches and underline our submission to our partners.

What do you think, Mrs. Lion?

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  1. My Wife has kept me locked since 2002. The past 15 years in a stainless steel device. When started keeping me locked her attention went to my balls. The would get a hold of the, pull and squeeze them to get me excited.
    Once excited she would push my head down to service her. She would pull them back and squeeze them to make me perform at my utmost ability. When she would orgasm she loses all sense of how hard she is pulling and squeezing them.
    She often squeezes them so hard she makes me come. I don’t like coming this way while still locked as it’s not a complete ejaculation. She laughs at me for coming and not having enough stamina to last to have sex with her and it’s empowering for her. After waiting for her to unlock me for 1-3 months I usually never last long enough to have sex with her.
    My balls are always tender for 3-4 days afterwards and I’m always on my best behavior.
    She has a ball weight with a loop on it for a leash. She sometimes makes me put it on before she will consider unlocking me. It makes it easy for her to jerk or pull my balls.
    She has not used spanking yet.

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