I don’t really dislike anal play. I know I wrote that I do. I think the problem was, way back when, I said I wanted to be able to fist Lion. We worked toward that for a while and then we stopped doing anal play very often. Any time we picked it up again, Lion jumped right back on the bandwagon of my wanting to fist him. It felt like a lot of pressure to do something I didn’t care about doing anymore. He had no way of knowing I changed my mind. He never really pressured me. He just wanted to move forward with what he thought I still wanted. Once again, miscommunication bit us in the butt.

Of course, the other issue with anal play is that we don’t have our sling up anymore. I’m not even sure Lion could manage to get into it. Having him on his knees is also difficult for him. I don’t want him to be uncomfortable, which is silly given the fact that I’d be shoving something up his ass. He’s bound to feel some discomfort. It’s bad enough I have to have him on his knees for the short amount of time it takes to wax his crack. I’m sure there are other positions that would make anal play possible. [Lion — Pillows under my stomach would get me up high enough, I think.]

Another topic in Lion’s post was restraints. In the past, we were able to leave the ropes attached to the bed. Our old dog left things alone. Actually, I did have to remove the ones from the foot of the bed because they got in the way and the robot vacuum tried to eat them. There’s no way this dog will leave things alone and the vacuum will still try to eat them. I don’t want to say the restraints are more trouble than they’re worth, but it feels that way. Obviously, they aren’t worth much to me personally, but I can make a greater effort because I know how much it means to Lion. I’ll see if there’s a way to keep the ones at the head of the bed out of the way of the vacuum and the prying jaws of the dog. The ones at the foot of the bed are easier to reach whenever we want to use them.

The restraint problem is potentially solved. Now, all we have to do is solve the anal play issue.

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