Mrs. Lion wrote that my interest in sex isn’t very high yet (“Big Dinner“). She suggested that maybe I need more BDSM to get my motor running. It’s possible. There are other possibilities. One might be that Mrs. Lion has gone back to handjobs. I’m not trying to be a brat, but I don’t respond well to being masturbated. That’s probably because it was all Mrs. Lion did for years.

Another is that sex isn’t being treated as something special. Mrs. Lion comes to my side and snuggles. I love that. She might fondle my penis. That’s nice too, but not enough right now. One reason that I probably react positively to clothespins and other toys is that her focus is sexual. Mine is too. It’s hard not to focus on one’s balls when a lioness is covering them with clothespins.

Even in our kinky world, routine is the enemy. Maybe we need to take a time out. I also think that we need to find a way to energize. Neither of us is very enthusiastic lately. If we didn’t blog, I doubt sex would come up at all. I’m not complaining. That’s a big problem. I don’t feel motivated to complain.

There’s always tomorrow.